Human Self-Controlling Guidances


Today being a ‘Church Sunday’ in England,

and also because it is our personal-human-development responsibility
to be self-developingly-response-able to be

we may practice such by “scrutinising” the opening words of the hymn
Lord Teach Us How To Pray Aright“.

Many pronounce “Lord” as “Lowered” – and “quite rightly so” we can quite constructively “argue” –

and we would
even before the end of our childhood
have progressed “life-educationally” to realise that a word’s
“palpable sense-on-the-solid-ground-in-action”
can never be experienced simply by converting that word into more words ostensibly giving its “meaning”.


Our hymn’s first line comes across “in better-sense-wording” as

“Lowered -“

how to-
“be ‘praying‘ aright”. 

wherein we become further responsible for scrutinising the terms “praying” and  “aright” :


Since every lifeform on this Earth needs to be Self-Moving-Capable
we human-beings need firstly-and-foremostly to be

self- moving-capable
within which comes the sub-ability of “praying” in the sense of “right-praying”
under which many if not all human-beings have experienced,
and recorded,
that in first-priority urgently-&-importantly above and before “praying-aright”
we need to be at leasr 24/7 attempting
“100% self-moving-aright” 


—– and we also need now to pause, poise, and temporarily break-off, for “self-&-shared chorings” —– jsdm —- 1803 Sunday 23 September 2018