Peoples’ Monies Effectivisation

The following real-life current Predicament
has drawn from the “People’s Pen”
an email acknowledgement and response
to governmentally hand-delivered and signed-for
as follows :-

Email to DWP re Adela and my (John Miles) Life and Financial Situations and Predicaments.
1130 W 190918

I have received your letters hand-delivered by local Plymouth officer **** ***** last week.

Both I and my caree Ms Adela Miles have registered disabilities and impairments,
but have always been pro-active in keeping a responsible governmental office or officer
fully informed as to our Situations and Predicaments

Whilst I do think the decisions you have notified against us are wrong,
and for many years we have been to the best of our abilities informing the relevant authorities,
and so have other concerned people,
of our situations and predicaments,
and also began to tell our ‘stories’ to whomsoever it may concern,
and entering our life-situations and predicaments ‘online’
in not-for-profit, power nor prestige altruisticly-voluntary blog-comment-friendly e-sites –

and whilst I JSDM John Sydney Denton Miles have also been making constructive submissions
to the UK Westminster House of Lords’s voluntary small-reach-out-group’s
since May 2010 –

and they have published over 700 such submissions ‘verbatim’ to date –

It appears now necessary for me to make a specific defence document
about these past-years and decades of authoritarian-failures and hostilities,
and about our current unsuitable-situations ever since the Landlord authority
both banned us from ever participating socially
[e.g. in our Village Hall]
failed to provide safe lighting over the concrete steps leading to my flat 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue
where in February 2017 I thereby fell and had to be hospitalised for four weeks,

thus also affecting Adela’s care and accommodation
(she, since PCH pushed her out, having been thus made homeless
and having to “crash” on a mattress in my 39B living room ever since mid 2014).

It is of inescapable key evidence also, that in 2013 PCC Adult Social Care proposed and provided a Sitter
[minimum wage probably £6 per hour $42 from 9a.m. to (ostensibly) 4 p.m. on a Thursday
whilst I at my own expense attended a human-developmental-education course in Totnes
[there being no such education nor training available in Plymouth] –
but –
PCC invoiced Westminster govt for that 7 hrs mere “sitting” – £500.00
(yet I was back by 2p.m).
so the young-woman, who herself was adequately-good, was enabled to ‘leave-early’
(and i think she ‘deserved it -)
whilst the fantasy-hierarchy towering up on high above her
certainly was not
and still is neither “fit-for-purpose” – nor taxpayers’-monies-cost-efficient.
£500.00 !!!

It has been the responsible-authorities’ neglects, hostilities
and performance-effectiveness failures
that have caused
and still are causing
much of our ill-health and ineffective living and communication predicaments;

amongst which very saliently and sorely I think remains Adela’s banking situations
which are still under my 24/7 voluntary unpaid care and management. –

but the record of the authorities, which I have sketched above,
(including the landlords’)
is utterly stultifying, even “less-than-cooperatively sane”, to me.

I have even for decades been asking for our own state pensions and allowances monies,
as well as such Civil-Service grossly-over-expensive taxpayers’-monies
“not-fit-for-purpose” “blowing-away-huge-sums”
[such as the £500 for a 7-hr day mere Sitter] –
such funds being directed directly into local-sustainworthying neighbourhoods’ hands
would without doubt become quite literally
“local-and-worldwide-humankind-liberating and enabling”

helping us all,
in the 128 hours per week Lifeplace alone,
to be peacefully-radically-reformingly
and by “win-win-win” Method III and other cooperative methodologies and facilitations
much more positivisingly and cost-effectively
re-designing, re-building, re-legislating, and re-implementing [*]
our individually-personal selves –
along with our Neighbourhoods and Whole-Earth-wide Civilisations.

* [
President JF Kennedy told the world
“Those who are not supporting a peaceful-revolution are supporting bloody ones” ].

I therefore seek a thoroughly “peacefully-revolutionary” process from here on.

Yours sincerely,

John  SD Miles,
Voluntary Unpaid Carer, Advocate and personal-Companion
PCC Carer No P77099,
to Ms Adela Miles
who since March 2017 has been forcibly incarcerated under a Deprivation of Liberty Order.
======================================== 1251 W 100918 ============================================