Our “Capsized” Civilisation –

 Our “Capsized” Civilisation –

how turn it right-way-up – in time ???


It’s the combination of governancial “wrong-way-ups”,  “wrong-way-rounds”, and “carts-before-horses”
that has capsized our Human-World.


Too much

“One-Eyed Kingship in Countries of the Blind”

“Earth-Life is here
as a cornucopian self-replenishing gift from God
to be harvested by humankind”


Too much

Destructive technology,
destroying and exctincting too much Earth-Life
and too much of Earth’s Non-Living Lifesupport Resources
NB which are in ‘Humankind-truth of fact”
not yet Energies until they have been harnessed and set-afire.


Meanwhile also

Not only has this further undermined our whole Humankind Existence
the new-upward-zooming miracle-and-human-genius
of “Highest-Brain-on-Earth”
and of its  “Conquering-

to be a

“God-Given Open-Go”
to Multiply and 
Overpopulate the World

as well as to continue domineeringly to over-destroy Earth’s Bio- and Non-Bio Lifesupports

But has further caused the upside-down
“delusion” and “ruling- ‘reasoning’ ”

the ‘smarter’ a single human-being becomes
in the Workplace,
the more human-beings s/he becomes “entitled and paid to be”
in the Lifeplace –

so that
instead of our “personally more-efficient people”
[more-efficient at-making-ends-meet,
and living-off-less than the rest
of us “below” them

becoming our truly emulable “by example” Leaders

they increasingly are deluded into believing, thinking and “ruling” that they are each more-than-one-human-being
and in millions of cases, and in whole-classes of Professionsas
as many as 100-and-more human-beings
Psychiatrists believe
(both individually and as a Class)
that they are each  many more than just one-wholesome-human-beingneed” 10 human-livings per week;

such as was called the RBS CEO Director
for demanding and being ‘given’ some (400 and more) human-livings annually,
including a regular £1million ‘bonus’ for being “the best of the failed Director’.s.

Critics may call the above “ranting-and-raving”

But it is Fac

and it is


Speculatively-Fantasised Human-Goveernanc
that is now
runaway domineeringly”

at Fault 

and too few of us are even attempting to “de-conflate” ourselves and to do
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing” as a world-wide Movement.*

  • ————————
    * Professor Mabel Todd
    the Canadian medical-doctor
    who first published the thought that
    (“) Surely the task of us doctors is
    to help people to move themselves better and more effectively ? (“)

in a clear 1937 publication The Thinking Body

which to this day world-leading Western Medical doctors and universities
do not “teach” and include  as a vital part of medical training and practice..

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