Awareness and Ability


Our awareness has to be ‘pursued’ at many different levels and extents.

As an individual participating-democratic citizen
you responsible for the governing of your country, its, civil-workforces, and its Peoples.

YUou have a great onus to be daily seeking finding,finding, and keeping-up-with
all the vital and relevant information. 
on every Matter, Topic, Situation Predicament, and with all Solution-Factors..

We have already seen how,
before acquiring more “power”
need to establish plentifully-sufficient abilities.
in the positive and fit-for-purpose use and discharge of that power/those powers.


Likewise with (your) Lifeplace Abilities and Enablements
[as distinct from the 40 hrs/week Workplace Skills and Exigencies]

you need to build, in yourself, very sufficient levels, quantities, and qualities
of Awarenesses 

they are really the first ‘knowledges’ and ‘things’ you need in life