The 3 Humankind-& Earth Savers

Whilst we figure-out which of the three ‘EarthLife-Savers’
‘must come-first’
take top-priority-place

we’d better use temporary numbering brackets

Be wholly committed to making all parts of your-personal-‘naked’-self Longest-Term-Sustain-Worthy

Be part-timely, also maintaining your immediate-neighbourhood people-trio

and your common commitment to being a ‘self-sufficient’
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing Movement”.

Be concentric-environmentally practically
as well as scribingly ‘judiciously’
the non-&-less-sustainworthy
the longest-term sustainworthy.


Viewing, contemplating, and self-consolidating
our Lifeplace-Situational-Predicament, here-&-now
we find ourself already “among” these three pro-active tasks  –
these 3 overall Humankind-& Earth Savers

sevenfoldly-wholisticly through the ‘domains’ of
Physiological, Emotional, Mind-Functional, Multi-Environmental, Duo-Spiritual, Working-Sanctuarial
first-&-foremostly in our personal-&-social
Lifeplace  [128 hrs/week]

and secondly-&-in-commonly co-essentially in our
Workplace  [40hrs/week]


—————- whilst we need to keep ‘breaking-off’ ————

let us be seriously considering keeping
“The Enormities”
of your singly-personal –
and of
Our-7——>. 8-billion People’s and Other Earth-Lifesupports’ Collectively
and yet some also possibly

clearly in mind