Getting the Future Facts Straight


You can’t do better than getting the Present Facts straight, can you ? –

especially since

all of the National and Local authorities

and even all of the international media

are “avoiding”, “hiding”, and “denying”
major facts and factors
that are an even worse threat
to not only our human survival
but to the survival of all Life on Earth.

You can’t do better than “see through” all the daily “red-herrings” and “sensationalisms”

such as are the Wall-to-wall flashes, “breaking headlines”,  and “patrioticly-serious ‘democratic’ debates”
all in lurid detail about
and the distracting like.

We are being “walled-in” not just by daily  “red-herrings”, “smoke-screens”, and “democratic-public-interventions” –
eating away
not only such “democratic-time”
as we have outside of our employer-owned Workplace [40 hours per week],

but hugely wasting our mind-body-and-spirit personal energies

by misleadingly and falsely-domineeringly problemising* –


A centrally-underlurking and threatening  huge threat is

that the British Isles Peoples are consuming (and also wasting)

5-times more than their fair share
of this Earth’s Resources
and of certain poorer countries produce and hard-labour.



is that
China under a new “absolute-dictator”
[qua “Emperor”/”Peoples-Leader”]
has become by far the greatest Global-Economic-‘Empire’



[  *  problemising  =  “creating problems where none existed;
or where more vitally-important real-threats need solving and overcoming”]