{“} . . . and when you pray verbally, pray like this:.

‘Our Lifesupports, which are on Earth and in Heaven,
Hallowed be our names;, our lifedoms come, our wishes be done on Earth as in Heaven;

Today let us be sharing our lifesupports and sacramental-energies,
and be not leading into continual testings  but delivering from every evil {Amen}

for ours are these lifedoms, these powers, and these glorious-stories,

both for now







{“} . . . and when you pray wordlessly-bodily, pray like a silently-own-body-moving individual human-being .making-and-changing its own shapes  . .




to-be-continuing     jsdm 0401 F 07 09 2018

and we ‘break for ‘selfing-and-choring’ . . .


Let two little old ladies
be going for a tramp in the woods’  . . .