Our Predicamented-Humankind Facts, Factors, and Feasible Future.

We have two distincty contrasting timeframes
in our overall-greater Humankind-History

1  .
We were for millennia “on hands and knees”
“fingernails scratching in the ground for roots to survive on”   


(On a longest-term x:y graph-chart )
there was developing
a super-abundance of other lifeforms and of lifesupports,
all especially being ‘carried’, ‘fed’, and ‘underpinned’
as well as ‘oversheltered’ by
the macro-ancient Vegetation ‘Kingdom’
all around the Earth.
Then comparatively rapidly began coming
Lymbic ‘technological tools’ progress
(atop our ‘middle’ mammalian sensory-intelligence brain)
the “still-first-on-Earth” Supra-Lymbic brain or ‘Intellect’

After the Agrarian Revolution,
and particularly increasingly upwards ‘exponentially’ after the 1735 Industrial Revolution
the rising human population numbers literally caused the “lifesupportive-biomass” to contrastingly exponentially decline
somewhere around the middle of the 20th century


our two ‘paths’ had crossed-over

thus starting us ever-increasingly into a greater and greater
between what
“We Humankind numbers are demanding from the Earth
What the Earth can supply
to our practically unstoppably growing consumption Needs
and our (literally) increasingly destructive and extinctive tools and weaponries.armoury-and-machinery stores “needs”.



Our environmentally ’embattled’ Natural-Evolution came to ‘need’ special help from our Civilisationally-Developing “Mind” -.

we now
an “all-alone-among still-primitive ‘nature raw in tooth and claw other lifeforms’ ”
“special” human-race
for continuing thrival now
as well as for just basic survival.

As leading researcher Ronald Shone “shone his lamp” for us in his Creative Visualisation
a  beautifully in depth real-life education
in using one’s powers of Imaging, of Imagination, and of Fantasising too.
(“) the human-mind’s Imagination is far more effective and powerful
in ‘getting results’
than is our “will-power”
our “will” being really only a ‘
trigger’ to other parts of the mind such as the imagination as well as the various calculating, ob reasoning
and to our various body-energies and working-limbs
to ‘get-cracking and do things’ (“).



our initial few “enlightened ones” couldn’t ‘see’ enough positively-helpful Reality

and felt more and more  ‘constrained’ to “get cracking”

they “created” a “fantasy-hierarchical civilisation”
which prevails “to a fault” even more so today.


One of the Natural Laws of Life is
one-human-being needs just one-human-living 

but our specially-professionally-focused Psychiatric professionals
of the order of ten (10) human-livings [£3,000 per week)

Thus they are “since time immemorial” built-upon and accustomed to being and being treated as “ten human beings each” —->

which makes each pyychiatrist
as an individual  person and as a member of a deluded-professional-class,
logicly  and judicially


————  to be continued ——————- we break for chores ———- jsdm 2121 Th 06 September 2018 ———-