Another essential part and ‘tool’ in our Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing would be drawing-up a 1st-order Mind-Map  consisting of “word-webs”.


Co-sustain-worthy-ing  +  co-dreaming/inter-dreaming


some entrenched terms need clarification
such as

with which we may now be daily as well as nightly ‘coming-across’ –

the ‘tangible’ or ‘palpable’ sense-on-the-ground
of “lucid-dreaming”
is hardly ‘lucidity’ at al

but rather “Consciously-controllable” dreaming – yet still “why not” ‘daydreaming’ ?

is it perhaps because “daydreeaming” has ‘synonyms’ such as “wool-gathering”, “cat-napping” –  ?


———– off to be ever catching-up with our environmental as well as personal “chores” ———- 0548