The ‘Self’ Part

The ‘Self’ Part of Co-Sustainworthying needs and is worthy-of further detail-sharing.-

1930 Sn 260818  StopPress Note :-
Because “reason” appears to “have it”
that one (let’s say ‘you’)
has ‘two-identities’,
namely one in The Workplace
and the other
“Personally’ –
and ‘Lifeplacedly’
in The Lifeplace

therefore one has a “right” to two-humsn-livings

That is false, and wrong:
one (‘you’) is but one-and-one-only human-being
needing but bone and one-only human-living.


“Selfing” & “Togethering”

One of the Simplest-Basics
both of
your ‘lone-personal’
and of
“Making Life More Sustain-worthy”
is Tensioning
specificly first
“Stillness” –
from which will follow gradually–steadily-&-slowly-alternating

We could name this whole basicprocess, then



please, for all our sakes

We are saying
“this is simple”

we are  not  saying
“this is ‘easy‘ “.


Begin by finding just one comfortably slow, steady
and well-within-your all-round-limits
alternation ;
then develop timeframes with numbers-of-up-down cycles in your timeframing [like an in-then-out breath is one-cycle]
a smooth sort of


make this “sinusoidally-regular” pattern your ‘warm-up’ and your ‘cool-down’
[equally-up and down]
[up-tensing-down-stilling] keeping a note afterward of the “no-no’s”
as well as of the
“friendly-‘dream-partners or ‘neighbourhoods” you remember or ‘imagine’ –

and of “new factors” and “key essentials” you found or ‘came-across’ …]


but sometimes


is ok too


as will be “pausing, and resting”

and allowing your natural breathing to just “be happening” –
complete with the short-pause between the end of the out-breath and the beginning of the in-breath