One would wish to support “sustainworthy” parts of our “old-civilisational-systems”
including such nth-order “unseen-values”  as are regularly shown to us
by the ‘senior-best-clued-up’-peer Lord Norton (and ‘only by the said’ Lord Norton).

But when it comes to preventing our ‘good-things’
and our true history
from “slipping-through the cracks in the table”
and “on down through the gaps in the floorboards”,

“one” is at a loss to discern how to relevantly and adeqiately ‘join in'”  –
today ‘we’ [Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movers]
hesitate to submit
such an attempt at support as the following 1st draft
‘directly’ to the Lords of the Blog :-

On default-behalf both of
the Now-Non-Sustainable-Pseudo-Hierarchical-Ex-Colonial-English-Civilisation
[within which this House of Lords’s Lords-of-the-Blog both wisely and steadfastly still continues
the World’s first “two-way participatory-democratising Public-Reach-Out” ]

and of
the ‘new’
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”
[with its “divinely-undercover-ed” ‘anonymous’ worldspreading-memberships]

but since no responses have yet appeared to these “Losses” posts

and since that may well be because increasing numbers of the World Public are ‘waking-up’
to  ‘The public do-not-need-to-know’ national and global Predicaments
that also are increasing day-by-day
and probably mostly “insidiously” –

and so we plead
that the House-of-Lords “public reach-out”
is far more worthy-to-be-continued, supported, and joined,
than the quantity
and (occasionally) alas! the ‘quality’,
of the public-submissions to it [the publishable Comment-ers’] evidences;

and hereto we would also ‘lament’
that such a ‘sub-establishment’ as exists around the Westminster Governance Place
must surely be well-rolled with governancially-involved citizens
who are both aware and appreciative of those many “hidden” good-services and legacies
that are being left to us
by such ‘those-now-departed’
as the noble Lord Norton is continually-loyally revealing to us “all”.