Facing the Failing Humankind ‘Family’ –

(We carry-on upwards with this Human-[kind-&-Earth Matter
into Saturday as well -)

There being little doubt
that we
The Human Race on Earthj
are now “failing
both Nature
Our-‘Own’ Civilisation.-

we need to continue our

Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement

as best “we-few-sustainworthying-ones” can achieve –


far too many
of us 7+ billion human-beings’
hands, feet, mouths,
and ‘tools-of-death-and-destruction’

are tearing into
and wasting
as well as
this Earth’s Lifesupports.

 *Our so-called “Developed 1st-World ‘Democracies'”
are “phony
in that “we” “The West”
are still unable to live-&-thrive within our own means,
but unable to live-&-thrive within this Earth’s Means,
and also unable to live-&-thrive
as “human-beings each needing just one-human-living”
of other countries’ means,
including off the lifesupports of “lesser” countries
further-unfairly and destructively
off those lesser-countries’
“lesser” Peoples’
labours, services, goods and produce.

Today Friday (in August 2018)  there might be time to include
in our sustainworthyimg-practice

that modernly-traditional-
“tool” or “guide” –
The Written Essay –

for which we have at hand the guidance manual
Writing Essays 
by Mary Page (Southampton) & Dr Carrie Winstanley (Roehampton).

And to which we at 39B now add
our own
portable paper notebook, pencil-with-eraser, 4-coloured pen, ‘sticky-notes’,
and, in a book-carrying-worthy ‘shopping-trolley’
both a small array of non-fiction books and a portable ‘laptop’ computer.——–>

——- 0850 Friday 24 August 218  —jsdm —–

(“) And On We Go –
Its welfare is our concern …(“)