You – have to “lead”


Here’s an instance of why –
(and one way how) –
you “have to” be ever doing some sober-minded leading :-

Here at the
Self-=&-Civilisation Lifeplace-
Interim-HQ action-station –
we regularly order new  “Life-On-Earth-Enhancing” non-fiction books [generally via Amazon UK] 

We’ve been finding
that every book that’s published
can benefit from some kind of “correction” or clarification here and there.



A truly world-leading book
published 2014 by Harper Perennial copyright Edge Foundation, is

What Should We Be Worried About ?
‘Edited’ or ‘Collected’ by John  Brockman; Content by 150 or more authors..
“we” here at the Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Interim-World-HQ desk
[and also whilst in a cafe, and sometimes whilst travelling on buses and trains]
have taken to numbering the 150 or so short articles –

(about “Why and What We Need To Be More Informedly Conscious of and Concerned About”)

and whilst also continuing our practice of “correcting”, “filling-in-gaps”
and (in such a book) making other notes
such as “deconflating” an apparently “mono-meaning-&-sense” term –

(1) “Space” as a existential “Domain” is set-in-English-language constitutional and scholarly-academic ‘concrete’
as having the rational sense-and-meaning of
“having three (3) ‘dimensions’ ” –

namely Horizontal, Vertical, and Longitudinal –
which, however,  on ‘second-thoughts’ are not dimensions at all [qua “quantities”]
but “Directions“,
6 (six)-foldly cardinally;
which have to ‘borrow’ any and every dimensionality from a notional “Quantity Domain“.
(2)  Placing red-ink marks and words
where something is in any sense potentially-dangerously wrong’
or is   unclearly-stated” or inadequately described.

 (3)  Adding authoritative or otherwise apposite references
(in the margin or as a footnote), and 
even on the front cover,
and in the title itself
(i) Professor Beata Jencks’s still-foundational and best-in-the-world ‘encyclopaedia’
Your Body -biofeedback at its best 
we ‘deemed’ it necessary,
in Beata’s own mind-spirit disposition,
to add
” – without Instruments, Machinery or Artificiality”.

(ii)  This What Should We Be Worried About truly super-work nonetheless comes across better as “What Should We Be Concerned About”

The Art of Logic 
(another “world-leading publication this year 2018)
nevertheless needs to be comprehended as also
The Act of Logic
 [we in The Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthing Movement
should return to this new work very soon,
and so we shall
as soon as we return to our voluntary-caring function in the St Ives far-west Cornwall area
where many of our Sources & Guides are temporarily ‘stored’
after the forthcoming bank-holiday weekend.]



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