The Day of 24 hours divides
both naturally and civilisationally, comfoprtably
four cardinal timeframes of 6-hours each
Morning    0600 to 1200
Afternoon 1200 to 1800
Evening   1800 to 2400

   Night     0000 to 0600.


‘2nd-Order-ly’  each 12 hour daylight day naturally divides into 3-hour pendulations
[the adult human body steadily ‘swings’ its ‘openness- and ‘closedness’ respiratory-functioning from side-to-side

whilst by 12 hour Night,
the normallly-natural human sleep-cycle is of 90-minutes duration
i.e. 0000 to 0130
0130 to 0300 –
– and so forth to 0430 to 0600 [0600 when the3 daylight swing also “takes-over”.


We (here in Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying),
believe that
the 90-minute sleep=cycle needs also to be welcomed, educated, and wholesomely- cultivated
as a naturally-essential component of our daylight-sub-timeframings;
especially since it needs also to be

and be all-through
“strictly physiologically-&-timedly prepared, practiced, performed, and ended,
and then also ‘seamlessly’
back into the “normal-choring”- physically-practical-environmental-day

your own personal dreaming.

—————–  “We”‘re horizontal now,accordingly —————–



1030 is our first new-practice of such a Course (Today) in 90-minutes sub-timeframes


If fallen asleep, allow an additional 10 (ten) minutes to a quarter-hour
to complet and be able to recal

This Major-Quarter-Day Self-&-Environment Timeframine
is of our


1. Optimally Right-Time-&-Whole-7-Fold-Energies Co-‘Dancing’
(a) Right-Continuingly Co-Dancing in Co-Sine-Waving Practice