Consolidatory – and Next-Sustainworthying-Advance Mapping


Further familiarise, practice, and establish the
contra-curently-and-laggardly-constitutionally-set-in-concrete non-negotiabilities
a propos
(i)  “No-Lose’ Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Method III Cooperative win-win-win Problem Solving
(ii) A Right-Perception Basic
(iii)  The 13 Habitually-Unaware Barriers to Effective Verbal Communication.

[All available in detail in People Skills by Robert Bolton].

(iv)  The Three Principles of Good Communication and Honest Argumentation
1  Be Clear
2 Be Charitable
3 Be Self-Corrigible.
[ included in most books on Logic, Reasoning and Argumentation.].

(v)  Relaxercise by Bersin, Bersin & Reese].

(vi)  Your Body: biofeedback at its best [without instruments, machinery or artificiality




Clarifications :-
(1)  “Energic” is the correct adverbial-descriptor for “Of-Energy” [cf compare “synergy : synergic”]
“Energetic” is neither correct nor appropriate as the adverbial-descriptor, because it has both the meaning and the sense of Vigorous”.
(2) From the Peoples’Lifeplace-Governing-Workplace
and from the Consumer-Lifeplace-Serving Workplace :
“MPs Constituency Surgeries”
are both false and health-inhibitive 
insofar as they both
both self-delude the Workers therein
[that they are “doctors of health” respectively (but clearly not respectfully)]

and aggressively deceive The Citizenry and us Consumers to the point of also ‘deluding’ us.

MP’s Constituency Issues times need to be clearly called and operated as such
and likewise

“Tree-Pruning, Lopping, Polling, Felling, or Treating” needs to called and operated as such.