Even our “guaranteed” “assured” “essential-services”
homes, food-supplies, water, clothing, ‘social-and-sacred’-mobilities
are continuously-inconstantly,
sometimes  or often inconsistently,
–¬† “getting-better”
“got, and still getting. worse”

and in the process these particular environmentals have already changed each of us –
and probably “uniquely-differently –
are already deeply-‘into’
further “changing us”

including “decaying” us –


it is no longer a “snap-out-of-it”,
“look on the bright side”,
“don’t be so pessimistic”
personal and humankind situation .

We are each,
but especially as a Species-on-Earth
fast running out of
wholesomely-healthy personal-energies ingredients, abilities and enablements –

and so is “Mother Earth”.

The “midway-safe-resting-and-rejuvenating places and lifesupports”
have already long been being extincted & destroyed –
by what we still “growth-economicly” call and daily-increase
“Earth harvesting state-of-the-art technological-equipment
super-human-masterfully ‘efficient’
expertise-skills and especially “ring-fenced”



we have to compound all that disastrous miry stuff even further now,
even ‘though only ‘temporarily & necessarily”
by going back offline
to do self-healing-&-healthing and environmental-choring
0717 Tuesday 21 August 2018