Helping The Mind – to both Wake-Up and Grow-Up – starting Now . . . ——->

Keeping your eyes ‘open’ –

“close” them (as-it–were) by slowly-and-steadily
lowering-the- upper-eyelids

and all the rime be “watching, waiting,
and when possible writing-note-of –

every-thing “visiting” or “passing by” your consciousness . . …


Your  human-brain  needs ro experience every-detail of any new or ‘newish’ movement you make or “sample” –
at least three (3) times
before it will even begin to “register-&-remember” it . . .


— pause and break for “practicing” that — and for any other “self-healthing” and/or “immediate-environment-supporting ‘choring’ ” — jsdm 1616 M