“The Truth”


Na Pravda, Russian for “In Truth”

bearing a sense of “telling the truth” ;


The ‘Almighty’ Problem or Difficulty –
is that this “truth” is only in mere-words –

in or with which,
if we have no or inadequate actual sensory, bodily experience
of what-the-word-‘stands-for’,
there is the further “man-made” double -obstacle of
(1)  originator-verbal-misrepresentation
[e.g. (i) “accidentally shot-in-back-by-own-troops” is formally and legally-exclusively mis-worded as “friendly fire” ].
(2) The National Illnesses, Pharmacology, and Hospitals Sector
is likewise still mis-worded and mis-understood as being “The National ‘Health’* Service” –
[wherein deeper constitutionally-entrenched, under English Law there is (‘evilly’) still no such legal entity as “health”] …


Further, now both ‘educationally’ and ‘academicly’ “out-of-date” there languish many still-foundationally-essential publications,
such as Straight and Crooked Thinking by Professor Robert Thouless –
a title which alone should give us strongly-preliminary “pause-for-thought”
e.g. about  modernly-more-excellent-“advances” into such clarificational terminologies as “spin-doctoring”
“the PM
Mrs Theresa My Conservative, has evolved’ a solution for Brexit”