Notes on “Worthiness”

Practically every part and person of Humankind Civilisation
has to be made sustainworthy –
designed, constructed, educated, trained, and maintained worthy-of-sustainment

and this current era that our civilisations – and this “living planet” – are struggling through
is literally “riddled
with insidiously terminal “virus-like” ‘foreign-bodies’, ‘saboteurs’ and ‘parasites’.

Our essential “24/7/52/Lifelong” cooperative-dual-task is
establishing and maintaining
a Sustainworthy Human Population
a Sustainworthy Range of Earth-Lifesupportss
(1)  prioritising
[in both importance and urgency]
ach ‘to be carried-forward for the Longest-Term-Future’ essential
{NB luxuries are not essential, so
at best if carryable-forward
should be kept lowest-priority“}

 2) Likewise strictly-scrutinise and ‘triage’
every-thing, every ‘office’, and every person
for “Unworthiness-to-be-Carried-Forward”
by “spotting” “removing”,  “neutralising” and “annihilating” 

every “fifth-columnist” and “parasite”
and every Not-Fit-for-Purpose organisation.