World Peoples Governancials: Christian “Good-News-Healing” [British House of Lords; Hylton]


“We” have submitted advice-matters to the UK Westminster ‘Upper House’ peer Lord Hylton
of the error of thinking that Jesus ‘ always will be’ “The Christ – The ‘One-And-Only-Redeeming-Messiah’ …” …

NB  “The Christ” was a “People-Saving Office”, long predating its recorded occupation by the one-human-being “son-of-a-‘god” “Jesus, of Nazareth …”


approx 0800 Friday 17 08 2018

Good News for the UK and the World

Lord HyltonChristian Healing UK is bringing together a range of organizations and advisors on healing, across the denominations.

It follows the example of Jesus, the Christ, God’s Messiah.  He devoted much of his public ministry to healing  those in need, whether in body, mind or spirit.

Christians founded the first hospitals and now have a leading role in hospices, to care for the dying.  Healing ministry should be central to the life of all churches.

Christian Healing UK may be contacted via

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  1. 17/08/2018 at 6:40 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.Hylton, “The Lowered Be With You” – please be reminded now :-

    “The Christ” was an Office, also thereabouts called “The Messiah”
    and it long predated its “32-years-long-temporary” occupation
    by the [still-dubiously-historical] “Jesus of Nazareth”.

    “Never mind all that ancient-top-down-directive academic-stuff” we may say –
    “let’s get on with the here-and-now, and future-continuous Need for,
    ‘better-self-healing’ :-

    (1) As Dr Albert Scheitzer was reported to have advised an American millionairess
    who sought to ‘buy’ from him the ‘secret-of-healing’ he had [maids’-gossiply] discovered :
    (“) Madam, no doctor ever healed anybody : all anyone can do is help the affected or suffering one to heal their-self (“).
    Therefore, our noble lord, and here-attendant Folks,
    there are no such persons nor things as “healers” :
    only [jsdm adds ‘but majorly’]

    And considering the descriptive definition of ‘therapist’,
    we have the wording “Therapy is anything helping a(nother) person to heal their-self”.
    We, especially as Christians, need to be much better enjoining the facts
    that Jesus declared purposes and ‘states-of-longest-term-strategic-necessity’
    such as
    [to John-the-Baptist ‘in-the-beginning’ at the river Jordan it is believed]
    (“) Suffer it to be so for the time being, for the son-of-man has come to seek and to save that-which-was-lost (‘)”.

    And The Holy Bible “Itself” declares, near its very end
    (“) So many other things were done
    the which the whole world could never contain
    the number of books that would be written (“)

    {( – and incidentally, two such recently-published books,
    “Unlocking The Bible” by David Pawson [Anglican ?}
    “Let’s Do Theology” by Hugh Greene ? (also ‘Anglican ?}
    the Christian Sects –
    and even the Anglican majorities – and most ‘minorities, too –
    are “studiously-evangelicly” avoiding

    and thus also “beggaring”
    beneath much more “modern-churches-together”
    ‘fresh-cloaks’ and “trust-and-obey” mantras.

    Why, even the holisticly and spiritually effective
    “7-Fold Sacramentally-Innate Divine Human Energy-Developmental Succession” has been “watered-down” and “poo-pooed”, by all sects.
    [ see “Lifestreams” by David Boadella; “Anatomy of Spirit” by Caroline Myss; and other Holistic Health-Building and Self-Healing Foundationals such as
    “Your Body: biofeedback at its best (jsdm praphrasing: without instruments, machinery and artificiality …)” by Beata Jencks.}.
    Surely also, Sapienta is so absolutely vital to ‘homo sapiens sapiens’, such that the one ‘Jesus’ warned The People
    (“) Whatsoever sin you commit against the Creator or against the Redeemer may be forgiven you;
    but whatsoever sin you commit against the Holy Spirit [“sapienta”] may never be forgiven you (“).
    “Common-sense” too ‘tells’ us that there is no such thing as “unconditional forgiveness” –
    because it is in the 5th sacramental level and ‘by-definition’ depends upon how much the ‘penitent sinner’ does less ‘wrong’ and more ‘right’.
    [It is at the 7th “Unction” sacramental level that one’s onward progression “into Heaven-Itself” or “the arms of God” is “unconditional”; and beyond which there is “no return”;

    surely … surely ?…]