Into a United Nations-facilitated-and-led “Sustainworthying Movement”

“We” have just submitted the folllowing to the United Nations “Contact” address :-

Viz seriously-response-able published Matters and Content from JSDMiles
via [corrigenda term mistakenly submitted as ‘viz’]
all of which submissions-to-the-world-public are
[ and are as-it-were ‘pre-paid-up’ out of the submissor’s state-pension and allowances
coming out of UK and Australian Taxpayers’ monies]
and are committedly intended
not-for-profit, power nor prestige
to support and promote
a worldwide
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement” –
and an Ultimate United Nations Programme
including both Individual Human Development and Holistic Health-Building
as generticly-public enablements for the Lifeplace
as “cooperatively-constructively-competitively-distinct from
all Workplace training [incl job and career “education*”].

This writer seeks to become a contributing member of such a worldwide-
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” Movement and Organiosation.
* An instantiation of [“] Education-for-the-Lifeplace ‘versu'” “Training-for-the-Workplace [“]
occurred publicly on TV when some USA senior professors faced a USA middle-class audience
who sought to send their children into the two most pretigious careers taught by universities.
The professore responded (that)
[“] Medicine and Law.
And you can become the best doctor or lawyer in the world,
and even eventually both-together,
without any ‘education’ whatsoever;
as long as you get the best Training
and the right job-placements
at the right times [“].

=========================================== jsdm 1909 Th 16 08 2018 =========

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