The Western World’s Doom Approaches Fast


None of the “Developed-World” countries can live within the Earth’s means, nor within their own

and all are dependent upon being majorly-crucially supported
by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th world countries and their labouring-peoples, around the World.


Even China
whilst consujming and destroying
contrastingly with “The West”
only 10% more of the Earth’s and Other Couintries Lifesupports than is their fair share
nonetheless does so 1.6 billion times over –

that’s 5-times as many mouths and bodies than the USA who are consuming and destroying 900% more than their fair-share,

 and the British who are used to consuming and destroyting 500% more than their fair-share –
that’s of both the Earth’s resources and of other nation’s lifesupports and fruits-of-labours –

And the UK “collars” even bigger percentages of 3rd and 4thj world countries financial-capital and income
{and hoards it away “frozen” in the UK’s various “law-unto-themselves” bankster–vaults .

All of our UK “British Excellence and Expertise” politicians and political parties
support all that “traditional” and “modern-opportunistic” ripping-off
both of Earthlife and of  Other-Peoples hard-work labour -,

to the exclusion of both our and their short-term and longest-term Sustainworthiness-building

all of the UK Ruling Organisational Constitutions support such
malfeasantly aggressive, and lifesupports destructive, Lifeforms-extincting, gross-imbalancings.-

and dop so militarily-strategicly too,

again “constitutionally-non-negotiably” so …

[see the many genuinely reliable reports and publications
from such sources as the LSE – London School of Economics (Professor Hickel’s The Divide;
and from such TVB documentaries as How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth scienticly researched TV documentary hosted by Sir David Attenborough ]
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