Costing Living


“It is
probable  .
that there is Life elsewhere in our Local-Galaxy
and in the greater Universe”

“It is also probable that the “pyramid” of Life on Earth is “capped” by us Humankind Homo sapiens sapiens destructivus

By the time we Humankind “emerged” (as “top-dogs”)
plenty-and various other Lifeforms had been [possibly unawarely]
” growing this Earth’s ‘biosphere’ ”
throughout which were already sufficient lifesupports,
for us humankind to start “wading-into” and “improving”..

The further-time “grew”
such that between Evolution on the one hand and Civilisation on the other,
we humankind started becoming “multiplicated” –

such that
[perhaps not unlike the Pigs in Animal Farm ]
some human-beings started  becoming  “more equal than the majority of human-beings”
under pains of which, if the majority failed to support such “multiplicationing-of ‘some-individuals’ “,
that ‘unsupportive or ‘rebellious’ Majority could be divided
and be ‘set-at-each-others’ throats’,
even be sent to “righteously-adversary” War against each other.-

Thus have the very few but ‘elite’ “best humans”
come to teach such ‘laggard-majorities’

the “ever-ongoing”
best-possible lessons-in-the-real-good-life“.

Millennia, Centennia, Decades, Annums, Diems and Horariums
now “rush” us “co-friendlily” along

increasingly “better-valuing” the “socially-mobile elite pyramid”
and its essentially “wizard-smart”
of  ‘some-individuals’
and some “essential-services cores”

such that
for instance
a “mind-health-doctor/doctoress”
[officially pronounced “sick-eye-a-triste”]
has already become
[or ‘been made’, by the ‘even-better elite-ones’ ]
not one human being but more –
even ten human-beings
[see ]

and “one-sitter is paid <£50
but in ‘reality’ “costs” the rest-of-us
via the Local & Central Governments –
for sitting passively companioning a harmless, undemanding elderly frail lady –
for a mere 9a.m. to 4p.m.- 7 hours.

please feel welcome to continue-tuning,  —- 1050 W 15 08 2018 —- while we necessarily self-maintain and environmentally-chore ‘awhile’  ————