Making A Life-Appreciation

As long as one is familiar with the detailed-basics
of cooperatively-constructive human-interaction –

(1) the “3-Conflict and Problem Solving Methodologies”
(Method l, Method ll,  and Method lll)
(2)  the 6 Co-operative Thinking Modes
(3)  the 3 Principles of Good Communication and Honest Argumentation
(4)  the 13 Verbal Barriers to Effective Communication
(5) An Holistic

one can become fully aware of
the contrasts-&conflicts
as well as the similarities-and-kinships
betwixt and between the obverse and reverse {heads and tails] of any matter –
[such as betwixt conflicting dictatorial and participatory governances,
and between imicly participative and cooperative communication methodologies –

The same thinking, communication, and planning models can be used
for Peacetime
or Wartime :

such as
“Strategy-Setting”; “Appreciation-Construction”, “Situation-Reporting”, “Consolidation-Reviewing”; “Planning” and “Orders-Writing”.

Here now we need to be Overall-Greatly scrutinising both this Universe’s, Galaxy’s, Solar-System’s, and Planet-Earth’s Lifesupportive Factors
Present and Future-Possible Humankind Civilisation’s
Longest-Term Sustainworthiness & Lifesupportiveness.

It is only within this “self-holistic mind-framing”
that you, me, and other lifesupportively-intent persons around the planet,
will become genuinely 24/7/52

“co-self-&-civilisation enabling
to both survive


Quite apart from such “self-mind-framing”
we each need a “reminder-pocket-card”

 a self-regulating ‘checklist’. 

Mine is the Dr Paul Pearsall’s four triangles
each showing three dispositions for (respectively) your
Hot;  Warm:  Cool;  Cold  behaviours:-

(i)  HOT:   Cbompetitive, Impatient, Hostile

(ii)  WARM:   Caring, Patient, Tolerant.

(iii)  COOL:    Confident, Energic, Optimistic.

(iv)  COLD:  . Inadequate, Pessimistic, Defeat(ist).

I also seek to ‘create’
[construct, rather]

my own “here-and-now-existential” behavioural-triangle :-