Having by now ‘de-conflated’
and ‘un-confused’
our-selves –
as far as the “healing/healer” professions’ terminologies
and ensuing
physico-holistic-treatment domineerings
go ;

we can ‘co-begin’  “mutual-self-healthing”
with clear consciences.

and naturally foremostly,
we have our “own sensorama”
and its variously ‘pleasant’ and ‘unpleasant’ personal sensations

Secondly, and also ‘vitally’,
In support we have at hand several sober and emulable “guidances”

mainly affordable non-fiction book publications
among which we could find
Your Body;
Clear Thinking.

Yet which we certainly need to supplement such
“wider-real-life & clear-mind-functional”
books and dvds as
Thinking About Almost Everything 
 (Amin & O’Neill with Brown & Daya)
 An Apple A Day  (Caroline Taggart)
This Is Going To Hurt  (Adam Kay)
A Puzzles & Crosswords Magazine 

 Herein, we could
and maybe ‘should’
show a quote or two from each such “healthier -life-leadership” –
ok – but after our “real-life-chores and self-healthing breaks, please –

during which
we shall ‘naturally’ be continuing
to take enough time
to be ‘ever-monitoring’ our
as well as our
pleasures …

shall we not ?