? Healthing > or < Self-healthing < or > Co-healthing ?

0725 for a 0730 F 10 August 2018 “fresh-start”

We don’t need to “ask-the-audience” “50/50” nor “phone a friend” – do we ?.

Our ‘point’  is simply

after birth
we have completed the first 21 years
of ‘co-developing’ –
but especially of personally-‘mastering’
the Sevenfold-Innate-Divine-Human-Essential-Energy_centres’ energies

we are faced with “total” responsibility
towards not only our-own-single-self 
and our homo sapiens sapiens “co-centric” society
but towards
“The Earth Environment” …

so our vital ‘sub-point’ becomes

“”It makes no sense that under English Law there is no such legal entity as ‘health’ … ?”

Legally’ –
[apart from by malfeasant government and BMA neglect
(e.g. of the UN Declaration of Primary Health Care 1978)]

the National ‘Health’ Service can not exist !

what we’re really needing to ‘argue’ about,
is how best to ‘prioritise’ our

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