Clarity 2

Clarity 2
Clarifying from where-we-left-off.


has as our still-current ‘offline-first-order-timeframe’
(I’ve been “self-rescuing/maintaining/healthing”
in a ‘hot’ bath
over the end-of-the-morning 6-hours and the beginning of the afternoon 6)


prior to the performing of which we
[ you, her, him, and/or I ]
need to

distinctly our minds
as well as our body-parts :-

Pre-Minding-Ourselves :-
1.  Self-Healthing means –
and has the physical and whole-body-mind sense of   maintaining one’s existing healthy-habits
further-enabling them [e.g. by making a new variation within the good-habit]

as well as
adding-and-establishing a further good-habit..
2.   Self-Healthing is a “totally” separate “thing”
from “Healing”
and from Other-Methodologies
such as “Gymnastic-Fitnessing”, “Self-Strengthening”, “Life-Centre Membership”, “Exercising”,
procedures or “first-order-algorithms”.