Setting a Scale for “Sustain-worthiness”


The new “key” to both
Humankind’s Individually-Personal-&-Collectively-Dividual “Inner”-Success
Humankind’s “Surrounding Environmental-Success”
is simple to be glimpsed
but possibly quite difficult to even begin achieving –

but it has become the somewhat sine-qua-non

peacefully-revolutionary Human-All-Round Susrainworthying ‘model’
physically, physiologically, emotionally, mindly, morally and spiritually :-

Since one-human-being needs just one-human-living
to maintain their health, citizenlikeness, and environmental-supportiveness

 then any human-being drawing, being-given, or otherwise acquiring
more than one-human-living
is proportionately-overdrawn and over-drawing
in both their 128 hours/week Lifeplace-Account and their 40 hours/week Workplace-Account 

is increasingly indebted to EafrthLife as well as to Humankind Civilisation’s Peoples and Infrastructures


Thus, with £300 per week as the Sufficient One-Human-Living,
anyone drawing £600 per week is only 50% personally-efficient at “making-ends-meet” in The Lifeplace;

and every-one upwards is likewise proportionately in serious debt to both EarthLife and Humankind-Civilisation and Longest-Term Survival.

Within that toweringly-corrupt-&-corrupting ‘Midas-Pyramid-of-Babel’
(1) Bank Chiefs have come to be seen as “Banksters”
and also are drawing upwards of one-hundred human-livings, each in annual-set-salary –

and even whilst failing to complete their banking-task and life-duty
are still being handed-out ‘performance-bonuses’ often of a further £1 million per year.

 the doctors and psychiatrists
who have a certain “power-of-life-and-death”
over “everyone poorer than millionaire-status”  are deeply-constitutionally-deluded
that they are each many-more-human-beings than just the one they in fact each are –
at incomes around £3,000 per week the psychiatrist thinks
[and would send us, even each-and-all to “patrioticly-compulsory slaughter”
on war-waging barrlefields
support of their “deserved-&-hard-earned Right” –
to obscenely-luxurious-amounts of human-livings
each and as a ‘class’].-