C/F Further “Daily-Doings-es” 1905 —–>

Carrying-Forward our daily-good-habits and adding “a new one” to them
whilst also “leaving-behind” a “no-longer as good as I used-to-think” habit.


A fundamental  lifeform-fact-of-life  is

Its Need to be ever-alternating.-

In our Human case, we are, and need to be 24/7 self-maintaining-and-improvcing our

 e.g. one’s heart alternates at a different quantity-and-quality
of “wavelengths”
as well as of firmnesses or gentlenesses,
of quickness or sustainedness …
and differently from one’s breathing,
and from one’s peristaltic-movement.-

We also need to be ever-self-improving every other “part” of our-self –

 “carrying-forward” the best of our “old” and “right” movements –
(not just “feeling”-right –> but actually being unawarely wrong)
whilst also accepting, or deliberately finding, or imagining –
a “new” way
of self-body-part moving or “shaping” .
to be “fitting-into” our normal-routine .


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