Human-to-Human Linguistic-Communication

Uses of Language
is vital to be tackled by us all

especially “between” [cooperatively]
“betwixt” [competitively-conflictingly-hostilely]
Workplace and Lifeplace

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The many-and-both comparative-&-contrastative Words,
of the is it over-3000-spoken-“tongues”
throughout Humankind –
on this Earth today –
including not only of “yesterday”, but of “tomorrow” already being-begun ?

Lifeplace Words are surely more abundant,
and “flexible”,
than the “obviously – fewer & stricter”
Words-of the-Workplace

wouldn’t they be ?


Take our lifeplaces’ “-ising” word-endings, for instance –

wherein even some workplaces’-glossaries are majorly-employing
our originally-lifeplace-created term “problemising” –

but we also are ‘creating’ a kindred “expression” –

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with  (-sustainworthying) –
and with both the now-regularising Lifeplace and Workplace term “problemising”

and with new-exploration of such “brain-waves” as
” ’39B post-bed-inselfprobleming’  to  “- in-bath self-inprobleming -” …
a way of saying (“Lifeplace-Expressively”) that one is “in one’s own problem at present”