How Appraise Movements and Publications, for their Longest-Term & Immediate “Sustainworthinessing”

I have accumulated more “leadership” books than I can manage –

 mostly advances in Individual Human Development
that are being denied, excluded and otherwise generally “negated”
by both United Nations and National Governments,
and by both National and International Universities and Communities.:

and I and my erstwhile-caree had to hire a quite expensive store-room
to house these valuables
and others
such as free-standing pinewood members
for Wholisticly-Healthy-Lifestyle domestic shelving and furniture making.

Now as I try to ‘select’ more that are crowding my 39B bedsit flat- shelves
for taxi-ing away into that store-room – 

it occurs to me to have a brief public-go at “appraising” one of them

The Mosaic Principle The Six Dimensions of a Successful Life & Career (by Nick Lovegrove.

1  One-human-being needs just one-human-living

2  The sustainworthy human-being must also satisfy further criteria
drawn from work done and published as shown in our “Self-&Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement” Lists

{  see also
recommendations submitted to
since May 2010


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The Mosaic Principle The Six Dimensions of a Successful Life & Career (by Nick Lovegrove.
has both definitive and syntactical errors –
(a)(i)  that the Principle of a ‘Successful Life
[in the Lifeplace 128 hrs/week]
and-equally-truthfully of a Career in the 40 hours/week Workplace
 consists of six Quantities [“Dimensions”]  when the better truth is that

The Mosaic Principle, of a successful-life in the Lifeplace and of a successful career in the Workplace,
consists of 6-Domains of Qualities.
{ “1(a) Doing what seems right:  1(b) Applying your moral compass.

2(a)  On being T-shaped:  2(b) Defining an Intellectual Thread.

3(a)(i)  Having just one Foundation (ii) Common to all people.
3(b) Developing Transferrable Skills
[NB “Skills” are acquired from Training for/in the Workplace;
whilst “Enablements” are had by Education for/in the Lifeplace].

4(a) Listen, Learn, Adapt  4(b) Invest in Contextual Intelligence

5(a)  Structured Serendipity  5(b)  Building an Extended Network;  6(a)  Carpe Diem  6(b)  Having a Prepared Mind .

Once again however, in seeking “concise” “clear” and “readily-wieldy” reminder-cards, we already had one such –

The Three Principles of Good Communication and Honest Reasoning

1  Be Clear.

2  Be ‘Charitable’
[acknowledge truth and relevant-fact in Others’ reasonings and argumentation (instead of “debatingly” denying and opposing everything s/he says)

3  Be ‘Self-Corrigible’ –
openly admit, retract, and correct-yourself, when you are ‘caught’ being mistaken, misinformed, deliberately-deceptive or just ‘plain-wrong’.