One’s “Here-&-Now” –


One’s (jsdm-39B) Here-&-Now
Friday2359 – 0000-Saturday0001 – to – (maybe) 0259 Timeframe

was a post-sleep awakening-awareness-sequence-following –
mainly through “self-caring*
[*with CARING as the base of the Pearsall WARM trio of self-dispositions :

clockwisedle around the “Warmly-Well” three ‘triangle’
base: (self) CARING; left-side (self) PATIENCE-ing’; right-side (self) TOLERANCE-ing –

 and clockwise onwards to the base of the (self) COOL-ing ‘triangle
(self) CONFIDENCE-ing;  left-side (self) ENERGIC-IS-ing** {qua Multiple-divinely-innate 7-fold human-energies-ing}; right-side (self) OPTIMUM-ising

** ‘Energic’ and NOT ‘Energetic’ is the correct way of wording “to do with Energy” – so is NOT “Energeticking” either, but “Energic-ising”.—–>

and so on through the HOT triangle [self-]COMPETE-ing; IMPATIENCE_ing; HOSTILE-ing;

then the COLD triangle [self-] INADEQUATE-ing; PESSIMISM-ing; and DEFEAT-isming.

0130-odd sub-terminalling in


The birds and the bees do it –
Even the plants and the trees do it – –
But I can’t do it –

I have promised to be true –
To another but not to you –

so I tell you what I’ll do –
 I’ll be lying still and You can be doing it …”


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