In Search of a “Sustainworthying-Foundation-Key-Checklist”

0400 St 28 July 2018


Each ‘key’ needs to be sustainworthyingly-“wholistic” – sufficiently-all-round and in-depth to help one along all on its own

We have just already been meeting
some highly-potential
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”

to which we should add our current timeframing practice of
(1) the ” ‘No-Lose’ Method lll Needs-&-Affordable-Hows Recognition and Cooperatiove-Problem-Solving” methodology
[originator Dr Thomas Gordon in Leader Effectiveness Training
propagated forwards with other Human-Developmental Enablements
by Robert Bolton in People Skills :-

We can list those “unconscious-barriers” which we are variously each-and-all “putting-up”
[and alas! also having to be “putting-up-with”]

The 13 [“] Roadblocks to Good Communication  and Honest Reasoning * :-[“]
( * also keyed by The Three Principles of Good Communication and Honest Argumentation (i)  Clarity  (ii) Charity  (iii)  Self-Corrigibility

1  Criticising
2  Name-Calling
3  Diagnosing
4  Evaluatively Praising and Blaming

5  Ordering
6  Threatening
7  Moralising
8  Inapppropriate Probong
9  Advising

10  Diverting
11  Phoney-Reasoning  {e.g.  (a) Red-Herring-ing  (b)  Strawman-ing  (c)  Non-Sequitur-ing.}
12  Re-assuring.

“Roadblosck #13  Saying that ‘someone else is roadblocking’.




{ —– stay tuned whilst we break for Other-Chores” awhile again)  0429