Deeds ———>

Whenever your vocabulary-repertoire, the ‘word’
that governs your whole life and how you live,
fails to match either your internal- or your external- environmental¬† “needs” or “rights”-
and starts failing your “normal good habits and situations”,
even failing the way you “blink” as well as what-&-how you “think”

then your “deeds”¬†

have begun becoming more and more
“shakily-founded” “false”, “fake”. “mistaken”, “ill-informed”,

in short your life has already settled into becoming

Thus “we” here in “Life Refreshment .net”
find ourselves “confined” to
cleaning-and-clearing-up our own
deeply sacred and personal
“minds-habits-dispositions-&-deeds” .

We can only
try, try, and try again,
to find and also construct
“Life-Guides That Work”.

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