“Final Resolutions”

Unlike traditional non-negotiables
and therein especially Hitler’s Third Reich “Final Solution”
[and his equally destructively-dictatorial and fake “Enablement Act” –

Any “Sustainworthy Final Resolution
has to be an “Immediately Improvable-Constitutional;-Package”
comprised of a number of different but compatibilised “No-Lose’ Resolutions”.

One of these
(that immediately-now needs wording-agreement)
is very probably within the “Self-” part
of our overall Purpose. Intention and Practicum expressed as the heading

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”

and is resulting from a ‘confluence’
between much human-experiential “life-sense”
in historical, folklore, myth, religion, ‘common-sense’,  ‘intuitional’,
and Arts and Humanities knowledges, know-hows  wisdoms and anecdotal-records –

it is being quite widely and deeply explored and researched
under various headings,
one being
“The Pleasure Principle”

[ under which title it is also being abusively faked, let us be aware, and beware,
including in its deeply entrenched “professional-status” as
“the oldest trade in the world” ].

The confluence is now with scientific findings
in their own “right”

outstandingly the discovery of Dopamine and of its functioning in the (human) body-

And side-effectually therewith the “package” resolution fact emerges,

 that the “sex-self-pleasuring” industry has become  “usurpingly”, “quick-solution-gratifyingly*
and to some very real extent “dog-in-manger-domineeringly”- and “deludingly”

{* Other more “above-board” quick-solutions include –
(as competitively  Remedial
“Dogs-in-Mangers” )
Religious Prayer;
and “Fitness”-Gymnasiums }


that whilst indeed a part of our
Education for the 128 hours-per-week Lifeplace
[ quite apart from any Training for a Workplace ]

needs to be
Personally Particularly Pleasure-Pain Self-Control –
and overarchingly
Perceptual Self-Control (Powers)
Self-Mindsetting (Dweck)
Biofeedback At-Its-Best-Without-Instruments, Machinery and Artificiality (Jencks).

In this (tantamountly “peaceful-revolution”)

One can manage one’s own pleasure-pain
– or “comfort – discomfort” –
by gently moving different parts of our body within their comfort-limits

before resorting to “scratching”, “stroking”, “self-massaging”

[ and certainly before booking in £100 to £500 or more
for a
-being-genitally-continuously-focused massaged by an ‘expert’-for a whole hour or even three – intentionally without orgasming! ].

So in “magazine and newspaper-speak” –
start your newly holisticly-healthier self-pleasuring Now
i.e.  “self-dopamining”

by other natural body-means -e.g. than “gourmet-dinnering”, “cocktailing” and/or “masturbating” !!!

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