By this time –
0730 Wednesday 25 July 2018 –
any human-being on this Earth
who is not both personally and civilisarionally committed to
Making Self-&-Civilisation Increasingly Sustainworthy
is both

actively and passively supporting


time Over-Destructivity & Over-Extinction
of  Earth’s and Human-Civilisations’ Finite Inorganic-Resources & Bio-Lifesupports

and is
as John F. Kennedy stated :
(“)  Anyone who is not supporting a Peaceful-Revolution is supporting Bloody-Ones (“)   The only way any human-being on Earth today and tomorrow can become sustain-worthy is by daily making their cost-of-lifestyle, conduct and behaviour

more emulable


This Life-on-Earth thereby has already become a
Era of

Sustainworthy-Human-Emulabilities  [0838 – lost additional material ]

Since no existing organisation is succeeding in becoming
both personal-self-sustainworthying
human-civilisation-worldwide sustainworthying

the only peacefully-sustainworthy course open
to the individual-human-person
is to

quit membership of every organisation,
start lone-self-sustainworthying   

[0908 Wednesday 25 July 2018]

1335  –  again lost further material  – having another go

“You could become the best doctor in the world,
and also the best lawyer,
without any education whatsoever –

all you need is the best training and the best job-placements –
but you don’t need any education.”
[Senior University Professors to a Public Middle-Class meeting in the USA].
The Education-Movement’s Fundamental-Principle
is no longer all-round wholesome-enablements for living in the Lifeplace – but

non-negotiably-exclusive “fantasy-social-mobility” for the 40 hour week Workplace 

————— 1355 —-
We therefore need a peacefully-revolutionary shift
onto a Network of

lifelong-voluntary all-round enabling-education for living in the 128 hours Lifeplace