Keep On Co-Deconflating

Because the legal-entities and constitutional words

of any human-civilisation

are non-negotiably powerful

and are enforced
“absolutely-non-negotiable to the exclusion of all other words and terms”


of whether you are willing and able
to commit your self and your remaining life

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” co-moving

===== 0700 – 0725 ====


 1.  Instances:
(a)  Being “Shot in back by own troops” is NOT “friendly-fire”  [0854 attempted but not publishing ]
[ 0903 ]  (b)  Being “driven out of own home and machine-gunned” is NOT being “Cleansed” [not even UN-officially “ethnicly”] [0915]
2.  Current History-in-the-Making:-
(c)  Senior Human Development, & ‘Social-Mobility’ Professors in USA
were asked by a wealthy-middle-class audience
about the two most prestigious careers for their ‘kids’,
and what the educational needs.

They were advised as follows:
(i)  Law; and Medicine.-

then you canbecome both the best doctor and the best lawyer in gthe world – without any education of any kind !
(ii) “You can become the best doctor in the world, without any education at all –
and likewise you can become the best Lawyer in the world without any education whatsoever;
but what you must have is
first, the best training, and
second, the best job-placements sequencing.

Then you can become both the best doctor and the best lawyer, in the world,
without any education of any kind !

3. Currently ‘constitutional Fake Spin-Doctorings:-
(d) “myth” is a genuine major human-evolution and civilisation-development Mind-Function,
and is not in any true sense “a porky” or “a fantasy”
[see definitively also
twelve things that “true myth is not”
in poet-laureate Robert Graves’s The Greek Myths vol l].

(e)  “evolution” is NOT within humankind’s control –
not even autocratic Prime Ministers can unilaterally “evolve” even such a relatively minor political-glitch as a “Brexit” .