Nurturing Our New Lifeplace-Leaders

In “Nurturing Our New Lifeplace-Leaders”

take now as an instance
Dr Joe Dispenza’s  Becoming Supernatural   :- 

The (‘our’) 7-fold Divinely Innate Human Energies are presented from an advanced Adult perspective in a particularly special “sexual” sequence –
which “beggars-the-core-wholeness and life-vitality priority-sequencing” –
of The Divinely Innate Earth-Lifeform Energies.

Every lifeform – and maybe especially the civilising-human – needs the divinely-innate sequence-prioritisation of (1) natural-nurturance (2) natural-movement (3)  natural-elimination – more vitally importantly and urgently, than “sex”.

I suggest that we make such notes in our books and make the “correction” in styling our own life.