Holes in High-Up Heads

Holes in High-Up Heads


and are easy to “detect”, they are so barefacedly stupid, megalomaniacal, and smokescreeny :-


Shot-in-back-by-Own Troops  is


Driven out of your own home, machined-gunned to death, or exiled barefoot in the middle of th enight,
is “Cleansing” you 
[‘Ethnic Cleansing”]  


 “Technology and Artificial Intelligence are beingevolved

“Theresa May team achieves  ‘evolution‘  of Brexit”


Nature alone “evolves” things
 God alone “creates”

Humankind (merely) develops
and alters
things that have already been created
and which Nature has evolved or is currently evolving..


===  we need to ‘keep-our-eyes-open’ much more seriously ===
=== and much more of the time