Basics, still —————->


“Co-Sustain-worthy-ing”.has the “on-the-ground-and-among-the-grass-roots-sense**” –
making* your-self and your/our surrounding enviroimentals
both immediately and longest-term
more worthy-of-sustain-ment

* both continuously and continually
** much more vitally than the ‘mere’ further-verbal “meanings” of the words[0927]


The foundational and long-published basic enablements
for you-and-us to be achieving this effective-sustain-worthy-ing
are to be found and followed from

Perceptual Self-Control   (W. Powers)
 (C. Dweck)
(Laban & Lawrence)
The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement 
(F. Wildman)
Your Body
(B. Jencks)
Superimmunity (P. Pearsall)
The New Health Revolution (R. Horne)



People Skills  (R. Bolton)
Leader Effectiveness Training
[‘Method III]  (T. Gordon)
Six Thinking Hats 
( Bono)
How to ‘Win’ Every Argument  (M.Pirie)

—————- further details and ‘malfeasantly-neglecteds‘ can be found
in the three voluntary, not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites
[being paid-for out of your taxes] :-

http://www/   [this site]

and “our likewise co-sustainworthying submissions” also being published in

by the UK Westminster House of Lords small-voluntary-group of seated-peers ‘two-way-public reach-out’ [jsdm]  [0925 W 180718]