Sustainworthy-Civilisation Units (——–> 0556 Th )

Question 1:

What will be the Sustainworthy(ing) Unit  ?

(Interim-Answer 1:  The civilisational Lifeplace basic people-unit
will be an inter-linking-threesome

such threesomes together forming progressive-domestic and neighbourhood plenums of [ n  groups-of-three]

three groups-of-three = a plenum of 9;
three such 9-plenums forming a higher-order plenum of 27

————————  and Question 2 —————————–

How could it be formed, established, consolidated, and propagated ?

{ A self-controlling “Growing-Tribe”
would make written threesome covenantal-agreements
to live together in threes
under specified conditions, periods of time, guidances and rules..-


———————- and Question 3 —————-

How could-and-would its necessities and sufficiencies be both maintained and governed  ?

{ Primarily, working ability needs to be established
in the
“Method lll of ‘No-Lose’ Needs-&-Hows-Recognition and Cooperatively-Participative  Problem Solving”


———————-  and Question ‘Nextly’ ———————




2259 Fortunately, my two covenanted threesome-partners agreed 
with my being out-of-bed longer 
for our common-greater-purpose of "up-front-clarity" 
of getting back into this communication, 
about the essentiality of agreeing our definitions, descriptions and stipulations - 
e.g. "What shall we take "marriage" to mean and to  have the practical-sense-of ?
Good night 2301
Needs; Purposes; Methodologies; Relationship-Details –
all need to be minutely-detailed and stipulated.

The main core-foundational-units of three need to be as self-sufficiencing as possible …….

Covenancing should precede contracting:
a threesome-“marriage”*/domestic-sub-group
needs to be first
workingly-self-established by covenantally-living-together
as a pre-condition to contractuality


1.0  Heterosexually-Notionally
!.1  One man, one-woman, one girl :
1.2 One woman, one man, one boy



ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Interimly, let’s now  go back to bed (please)   ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

ZZZZZ 2243-9 Wednesday 11 July 2018  jsdm ZZZZZ

0020 Th 12 July 18

Monitoring 9 BBC Four !Utopia: In Search of the Dream” – by actually “doing it – in a purpose community

 (tune-in, it ends 0030)

As “sustainworthyingists”
we need “steering-sub-cores” .      whose duty includes recording and studying such sources.
‘feeding’ into a “Steering Core Plenum”

—–we’re not seeing ——-

——– what otherwise or else ——–

—— you ——-

——- could possibly be ———

————————————— a-needing of  – – ————————-

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