One’s “Place”

In keeping “one’s place” –
one has to “navigate” it alongside, between, and betwixt – all other environemtals’; “places”

and this will include knowing their purposes and “relationships-expectations” –

especially all ‘relationships-with-or-to-one’s-self’
[many of which one will not know exist,
nor be able to find-out what ‘relation ships’ mind-mappings others have with one’s-self
nor know what their plans are for one’s-self in their “world-future-strategy”
(a surprise birthday-present ? – or a conscription-to-fight-a-bloody-war ?) ]

One needs to know
what/where/ and what-for
are all the other peoples places –

and what the

“Overall Grand & Future ‘Place’
of the whole of this


and into the “Here-After”  –


agreed so far ?