(continuing ‘touching-down’ on sustainworthying-essential)

 There is a new

worldwide human-civiiisation
among the Earth’s “grassroots-lifeforms”

and its hourly-lengthening-new-story
is being separately recorded,
often quite randomly and ‘isolatedly’
being also published,
by different individuals – such as in these three NFPPP* voluntary, world-peoples’ e-sites; 

and probably by small-groups of “self-&-civilisation co-sustainworthying ‘on’on top of’ these isolated individual’s sites 

in aid of an as yet not recognised, joined, trialled, implemented and genericly supported by
majorly and culpably-responsibly including
by voluntary-grass-roots neighbourhood groups, as well as by the greater-powers under

constitutions, establishments, media, education & religious institutions, workplaces and their training centres

================ editing in progress below  1050=================

and popularly effected ‘peacefully-reformational-new-human-civilisation story,

human-living-eachmuch of whicpreviously published           essentials go back before .www.lifefresh.co.uk to before ‘we’ discovered