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“Negatives” in our basic progress : –
{A} The 13 Unconscious Barriers to both Good Clear Communication and Honest-Argumentation:
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Begun Monday morning:-

Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying  Activity #1.0 :-
Step 1: Detach your-self from all previous and other attachments and commitments,
and come wholly unprepossessed to the following sreps

Step 2: Lower your upper eyelids and begin ‘watching’ both the insides of your eyelids, and your visual-mind’s and body-emotions presences and current ‘participational’ and ‘alternative’ happenings and/or “suggestions”
‘behind your eyes …

Alternative Step 2: Focusing on your whole body and your successions of sensations/’nothingnesses, movements/stillnesses, kinds-&-levels of movement and effort:
Using (1) the Rudolf Laban Effort – (The 8 basic movements)
(2) Relaxercise  by Bersin, Bersin and Reese ; or
(3)  The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement -by Frank Wildman.

(1)  The Eight basic human-movements:
Floating; ; Flicking; Slashing; Gliding; Pressing; Dabbing; Punching; Wringing
(2) and (3) Move Slowly;  Move gently & comfortably;  Move self-awarely; Move w
ithin your limits; Rest frequently, Do not do repetirive ‘drills’, nor ‘pumping’ a limit; Carefully find how reversible is every movement …

Srep 3: (will be to begin shaping your Imagination)

co-sustainworthying progress
trust-opportunity :-

Herein, this whole-Earth-s Lifeplacestewardships’

t we shall attempt to progress
“voluntarily-lockstepping together”

to progressiveky build character sustainworthying-enablements,

utilising the guidance-sources already-cumulatively shown
in this e-site,
and in the two older support-siies as Basics and Foundarions lisrs
and in any of your similarly altruistically sustainworthying
past, present or future responses
to this or to the or e-sites. 

2030 Monday 090718

13 Unconscious Barriers to Human-Communication

1  Criticising
2 Name-Calling
3  Diagnosing
4  Praising or Blaming Evaluatively