Reminder “Warning”

All of the human-development education and personal-therapy ‘genuines’
strongly advise constant self-watching
for “backsliding” into previous “wrong habirs rhat ‘feel right;”f


Churchgoers on Sundays may remain unaware of one or more of their own “wrong habits that feel right”

 and even be unawarely kept in a ‘wrong habit that feels right’
also encouraged into a new “wrong habit” represented to them as “a right habit”… 


‘Backsliding ‘ is so insidiously undermining, having been ‘normal’ for so many years.
and it continues to escape our personal awareness and self-remediation;

and we need to keep singly in touch,
about our current-tackling of a personal wrong-habit that still feels  right,
with a focusing therapist and/or with an aware and onside friend