Human-Race Fitness-for-Purpose –

and-or-versus your-‘little’ fitness-for-the-local almost-as-little-purpose thereunder.


Our Human-Race Purpose
both immediate-term and overall-longest-term,

Our optimum and maximum Supportiveness of this Earth’s Lifesupports
higher-prioritously than

“harvesting our lifesuppoerts therefrom”.
This in turn comes down to our local civilisational purpose being
the non-wasteful and wholisticly-longest-term co-sustainworthying of our collective-&-individual Needs-&-HowBestMet.

Governments’, government-departmenhts’, and government-individual-workers’ duty is thereunder
to correctly identify
and plan-to-meet
every one of our Needs –

to the exclusion of failing-so-to-do
inclusion of not-causing its governed-people to need-to-make-a-complaint .


[Government readers now need to turn to every one our citizens websites
to learn or revise our Needs
that it is your duty is to be meeting.].



{to be continued and concluded}