Our Civilisation’s Constitutional “Blindness”.

Our Civilisation’s Constitution
“Holed (below-the-waterline)”,
“The Present & Future Needs-&-Hows Unfit-for-Purpose)”,

… manifoldly ad nauseam.


The UK Constitution

(as just one
among the Destructively-Technological and Dehumanising Powers-Runaway Whole World of Nations’
Constitutions and Legislations
deeply-inaccessibly imprisoned-constitutions
‘entrenchedly-‘safely’ set-in-concrete’)

“Our” Constitution permits Deliberate and both Demeaning and Legally-Criminally-Destructive Built-In
by Governments, Professions [including by Universities, Schools, the NHS, and the Media],  and by Communiuties
“False-Social-Mobility Rewards”

within and inhibitingly surrounding
Top-Down One-Way  Hierarchical Pyramidal Structures.

Considerably far “down” the Pay-Pyramid
(but still starting at many-times more than one-human-living each)

Psychiatrists are trained to ‘spot’ abnormalities in other peoples’ mind-functioning (such as “Delusion”)
whilst they believe –
and are believed-to-be by the higher-bribed & protection-monid more-powerful classes of the “Social-Mobility” Pyramid –
that they are each many more than just one-human-being

[£150 per week being the constitutionally-supported UK legislation ‘minimum income
for a person entitled to live in Britain to remain “human”
( maintaining theirself healthy, citizen-like, and environmentally-supportive) –
additional allowances for Rent bringing this one-human-living to (say) £300 per week.]

With £300 per week constitutionally-legislated to be just £300 per week,
it also becomes an Index 1.0000 for Lifeplace-living efficiency.

Thus.any-one needing twice that figure is only 50% efficient at livin g, making ends meet, in the128 hours  Lifeplace.

Psychiatrists “need” ~ £3,000 per week in-hand –
[apart from business costs and expenses, which are paid by the overarching Workplace Owner and Authority]
which makes them only 10% efficient-at-living

and also makes them 9-times Deluded
[that each of them is 10 human beings when in fact each is just one-human-being (and needing just one-human-living each)]

And it makes the higher-powers even more malfeasant –
and criminally
(in certain cases genocidally)


The psychiatric judgementally-biased diagnostic of “mental-capacity”

along with the foggily-woolly terminology of “Mental-Health” in when the factwould be “Mental Unwellness or Illness

but the real heading needs to be

The “Mental” derivatives “mental-health-issue” “mental-health problem” and so forth –
only increase the conflational-deception
and have people believing that their Health is a Medical Problem and ‘possession”.

If you have Health that is no problem –

it is when you have Illness that Medical help becomes relevant.


(1)  Why has Britain continually failed to institute a Non-Medical/Non-Pharmacological/Non-Illnesses
Wholistic Wellness & Health Building Support and Pro-activation Service ?

(2)  If the British Authorities, and the British People,
really have every level of the British peoples’ Health and Wellness-Building at heart,

then why are they all so inhibitively-hostile to constituting
a separate Wellness & Wholistic Health Building Service,

independently of the deeply-established Illnesses Sector
and its monopolisticly taxpayers’-monies guzzling NHS
and other Illnesses Organisations –  Nursing, Pharmacological, and both Alternative and Complementary sectors –

[rather than the already-over-heavily-costly and biggest British employer “the NHS” –
which would become much more results-&-cost-effective
once a separate Wellness & Wholistic Health Building Service is founded and implemented..

Britain’s Medical Sector continuously fosters conflationism,
and eclusively promotes its own “excellence” and “perfection”
[utterly and egotisticly ‘blind’ to its “no need to learn anything new, we know enough” blockading disposition

for instance deliberately and monopolisticly misnaming  the Illnesses sector the “National Health Service”
thereby failing to  correctly see it as
“The National Medical, Nursing, Pharmacological, Hospitals, and Illnesses Sector” ?

And anyway the Overarching British Establishment at the very Top,
and the British People down to the very Bottom,
much more culpably
failing to support
the absolutely-separate founding of an  

Wholistic Health Building Infrastructure

within which should also be a new
Mind-Functional & Emotional Health Building Service

focusing on healthier self-and-civilisation co-sustainworthying
and on
wellness-and-health-enablements imparting and practicing.