The New “Shape”

The New “Shape” –
of our gradually-forthcoming Sustainworthying Civilisation
and of its
Neighbourhoods’ Smallest Threesomes Groups –

Whilst the whole world of Peoples and Countries
needs unifiedly”  to begin 

 co-advancing into
Longest-Term Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying  

via very much further learning and practicing
Egalitarianly-Cooperatively Participatory-Democratisation

the very fact that this can only best, most-effectively and most lastingly, be achieved
by Neighbourhood groups of three-individuals
[three at a time around a “round-table”

with any number of such “threesome round-tables” –
“feeding” into a Plenum

in turn feeding “upwards” through a central core of new Peoples’ Civil Service facilitated plenums
into a new Participatively Democratised Facts-Sharing-and-Publicly Discussing
[which would encompass
both the new Participatively-Democratised Peoples’ Civil Service
the very much smaller and Needs-Focusing two Houses of Parliament
and their Hansard and WordPress public-contact-and-intercommunication skilled staffs].
————————————————————— –


At every level,
but especially at the lowestmost
and practical grass-roots levels,

this new basic civilisation, nation, region, neighbourhood, and household
needs to be formed around a ‘life-and-living-it’ neighbourhood
of “best-&-optimally-progressively-fit-for-purpose” share-households
and best-self-balancing
“cooperatively-work-fit” smallest-sized teams.