Y-Our Life

We are “in-competition”

[includiong “Our”]


All Other Life-on=Earth


and versus all other future Life
out there in the wider Universe
which we’re already ‘training’ and gearing up to start emigrating to

—— and before we even breathe-in again, to realise that  ——-

Given, by both majority-governmental and majority-popularity

that neither You

nor those you trust and pay billions to

to watch-over
the Whole-of-Earthlife-&=Lifesupports
every single one of our
local Neighbourhoods
‘Private’ Homesteads’

by way of Rule-of-Law
Protection, Prosperity, and Posterity

Given that we (including you)
have nothing bigger than Brexit to “worry-about”

but are still wholly-unaware and deeper-but-hiddenly
in ignoring the very evident Progressively-increasing
and  one-way irreversible
of the Lifesupports which we and our kids and their offspring
need absolutely to depend upon
both longest-term and immediately
to be “nurturing” not only Our lifesupports but all other Earthlife’s Lifesupports 

and also Given
that it is not a fact that
whilst we have also for many decades
also been
runaway-propagating, preserving, and pretence-propaganda-perpetuating
our many long-since too-huge populations
of Black. White, Red, Yellow, and Inbetween, Colours, Sizes and Conflicting-Intentioned

nor that we have now to catch-up
with mapping and proactivating with
this still ongoingly-vastly-growing gap
between Our-Demands and Earth-&-Civilisation’s ability to meet these demands

before ‘we’ can

find or ‘create’ an
Atlas of Life
{start constructing it}

(1)  The Earth-Life ‘Ecological’ Pyramid is ‘simple’ –
each succesively ‘upwards’ level of “predator” feeds off only 10% of the available “food-under-their-feet”.

the Basic Lifesupport is the Vegetation [“fed by the Sun]
the ‘lowest’ layer-level of life-on-Earth feeds directly off that Vegetation …

we ‘jump’ forward “up” the pyramid
to creatures that feed off both vegetation and lower-than-themselves buit smaller Vegetarians –  e.g. rfats feed off mice, cockroaches, ants-eggs –

until we get to us Humans –
wherewithal we have become the only Earthlife-Feeders consuming more than 10% of the “food-under-our-feet”.

How So ?
What Next ?

—   We now need to observe, record, and scrutinise the Humankind and Civilisational “Pyramid or other ‘Shape(s)'”
and their many
“needs versus wants versus desires versus dreams”
versus “dys-functions, dys-easea, & disabilities”,


I find a myriad levels of


as well as of


conflicts and ‘stalemates’

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