Our Principles

Our Principles within both the forthcoming peaceably-reformed humankind civilisation
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”
and the present increasingly expiring “B T P O N R – T-D M A-D G O” (*)


[1] The 3 Principles of Good Communication and Honest Argumentation
(i)  Clarity
(ii)  ‘Charity’
(iii)  Corrigibility –  self-correction.

[2] The further principle of 13 Counters –
to the 13 Barriers to Human Intercommunication which are in three groups:
Judging; {Criticising, Name-Calling, …};
Sending-Solutions; { … }
Avoiding Others’ Needs and Concerns:  {…}  

(see People Skills by Robert Bolton)
[3]  The Principles of Longesr-Term Humankind-&-Planet Earth
Lifesupportive-Living-&-Working  :- 

(including both already-published findings
possibly beginning with 
resulting principles and practicums from our primary first-priority conducting of 
“Methodology lll ‘No-Lose’ Needs-&-Hows Recognising, Participatively-Cooperative Problem Solving, and Best-Planning”
(see “Collaboration” in Bolton’s People Skills)
foundations & guidances 

{to be continued}

*  =  “Beyond The Point Of No Return – Top-Down Malfeasantly Adversarily-Domineering Global One”